Pobyty naukowców z Ukrainy w Luksemburgu

Luksemburski Instytut Zdrowia ogłosił nabór na 6 stanowisk dla naukowców z Ukrainy.

Pełna informacja dotycząca pozycji i warunków znajduje się w tabelce poniżej.


Aplikacje zawierające odniesienie do stanowiska i CV naukowca należy przesyłać na adres email: lih.recruitment@lih.lu

REF:GF-LIH016-month Internship or 12 months Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Deep Digital Phenotyping research unit (DDP) lead by Dr Guy Fagherazzi in the Department of Precision Health

Research Focus: Digital Health, Digital Biomarkers, AI, Epidemiology, Clinical Research

Short project description: Identification of digital vocal biomarkers for chronic disease monitoring

Skill requirements: Training in data science/AI, English writing skills

REF:PN-LIH04 – 6-month Internship (DIOMEDES) in the group of Multiomics Data Science (MODAS) by Dr Petr Nazarov in the Department of Cancer Research

Research Focus: Deconvolution of transcriptomic profiles with focus on treatment resistance signatures

Short project description: application of deconvolution methods to bulk and single-cell RNA-seq data from glioma patients in order to identify components that could be linked to drug resistance

Skill requirements: BSc or MSc

REF:CH-LIH02 – 24-month Post-Doctoral Fellow (starting time : October-November 2022) in the group of Molecular & Translational Allergology (MTA) lead by Dr Christiane Hilger in the Department of Infection and Immunity

Research Focus: Mechanism of allergic sensitization, anaphylaxis, respiratory allergy

Short project description: Advancing diagnosis and treatment of pediatric asthma by digital technology and deep immunophenotyping

Skill requirements: PhD in immunology, Training in immunology, Flow Cytometry, Omics data analysis, excellent English writing skills

REF:OK-LIH05 – 6-month Internship or Post-Doctoral Fellow (IIP Transit) in the group of Translational Radiomics (Research group) by Dr Olivier Keunen in the Department of Cancer Research

Research Focus: Machine/Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Short project description: Implement Deep Learning models for image-to-image translations

Skill requirements: PhD in computer science or equivalent experience, Deep Learning models design, training & optimization (CNN, GAN...)

REF:MS-LIH03 – 6-month Internship in the group of IT Expertise in Health Data lead by Dr Michael Schnell in the Data Integration and Analysis Unit

Research Focus: Data science, Machine learning

Short project description: Improve an AI model

Skill requirements:PYTHON, SSIS,TENSOR flow classification

REF:PN-LIH06 – 6-month Internship (Predictamil) in the group of Bioinformatics platform (BIOINFO) by Dr Petr Nazarov in the Data Integration and Analysis Unit

Research Focus: Data science, Machine learning, Programming

Short project description: Development of ShinyApp for deconvolution and data analysis in genomics

Skill requirements:BSc,MSc, R programming, knowledge of Shiny is an asset